Launched in June 2005, SHADEH is dedicated to those who wish to purchase a luxury home, along with those who are passionate about prestigious real estate and curious to discover new trends and interior solutions. Whether it’s a castle, an apartment, a villa or a penthouse, SHADEH has the largest selection of luxury homes to offer in the most chic and renowned places.

SHADEH brings you inspirations from new architectural elements, or at other times simply beautiful examples of how you can transform a space with the right interior design choices.

Whatever the reason may be that people search among the luxury homes advertised on SHADEH, we want to offer you the best experience possible. Whether you are attracted by the beauty of the properties, the inspiration from browsing listings, the desire to purchase a dream home.

The world is vast, with many languages, and each country has their own diverse culture. Nevertheless, scanning through our listings you will discover two corresponding elements: the importance of what we call home and the idea of beauty.


Shadeh Luxury Home
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